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Windows Update doesn't work in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041 on a corporate network

After updating to the recently released build #10041 of the Windows 10 Techincal Preview, I found that Windows Update wasn't working for me.  The old style Windows Update was no longer available from the Control Panel.  The new Windows Update in the modern "Settings" app showed that I had no updates available, and last checked for updates on 2/2/2015.  If I clicked the Check Updates button, nothing seemed to happen, or occasionally the "last checked" date would flicker briefly, but not change.

This PC is a member of a domain, with an active System Center Configuration Manager 2012R2 server.  As such, it would normally get it's updates from the SCCM server (which in turn pulls them through the associated WSUS server.)  However, SCCM doesn't offer updates for the Technical Preview, so that isn't an option when running a preview build of Windows 10.

I found that to get Windows Update working, I had to change the policy setting which points my workstat…