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Error mounting ISO file - "Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file"

Recently, I've had problems using the built in functionality of Windows Explorer to mount ISO files as a virtual DVD drive.  When I tried to mount an iso, there was a long delay with the 'wait' cursor, and eventually I got an error dialog which said simply "Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file."  Subsequent attempts to mount an iso file (whether the same file or a different file) would immediately return the error, without delay.   I searched far and wide online and could not find a solution that applied in my environment.  Eventually, I tried mounting the iso using the "Mount-DiskImage" powershell command in hopes of getting a more informative error message.  The error I got was: Mount-DiskImage : A virtual disk support provider for the specified file was not found.  Searching for that error message lead me to posts about problems installing a device driver.  Then, everything clicked... Some time ago, we implemented some Device In

Data Sharing Service crashes on Windows Server 2016 - Event ID 7023

While troubleshooting an issue recently on a Windows Server 2016 system, I noticed errors on the System event log about the Data Sharing Service crashing. The Data Sharing Service service terminated with the following error: %%3239247874 Searching online for more information about this service and why it might be failing, I came across a lot of people describing similar problems, but the only explanation and solution I found came from this December  blog post by Microsoft Japan .    Google translate did a great job making the post understandable to me, but since the information doesn't seem to have been widely publicized I thought I'd share it here to help get the word out. The Data Sharing Service fails due to a resource conflict with another service included in Server 2016, the User Access Logging Service.  Either one of these services alone will run without issue, but if one is already running and you try to start the other, it will fail. According to an update