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Cacheberry Pi

As an avid Geocacher, when I was thinking of what to do with my Raspberry Pi, I couldn't help but wonder what geocaching related devices I could make.  I considered building a geocache that had some kind of electronics, controlled by the Pi, but decided that powering the Pi long term would be an issue.  I searched for other ideas online, and came across a video of the Cacheberry Pi project, by Jeff Clement.  The perfect mix of geocaching, electronics, and programming, I had found my first project!

The Cacheberry Pi is designed to be used in the car.  Place the small box on the dashboard, connect it to power, and while you're driving, the Raspberry Pi will search a pre-loaded database of geocaches for the nearest cache in the direction you're travelling.  This is different from most GPS receivers or applications because it searches only a narrow area ahead, and will not return caches that you've already passed by.

I've spent the last few weeks getting it working.  …