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Automate cleanup of CB Defense sensor after a failed uninstall using SCCM

CarbonBlack recently released version 3.1 of the 'sensor' for their CB Defense product.  This sensor is the client side agent installed on each PC.  The CB Defense sensor does not self update, but installing the new version should be as simple as a few clicks in the CB Defense web console or downloading the install package and deploying it using your favorite method.  Unfortunately, it's not always so simple.

In many cases, when the installer attempts to remove the old version of the sensor during the upgrade process, the uninstall does not completely remove the old sensor, and installation of the new sensor fails.  This leaves the computer with no working version of the CB Defense sensor installed.  The old version of the sensor no longer shows up under "Programs and Features", and all attempts to install the new version fail. 

The CarbonBlack User Exchange (login required) site has a few articles describing this issue and potential workarounds.   An article CB …