SCCM 2012 OSD Refresh Error: "FAILURE (5456): Unable to determine Destination Disk, Partition, and/or Drive."

I recently modified our SCCM (MDT Integrated) OSD task sequence so that we could also use the refresh deployment type.  One of the requirements for our refresh was that the hard drives be re-partitioned and formatted, just as they would if it were a "New Computer" deployment type.  To accomplish this, I copied the "Format Disk" group from the "New Computer Only" section of the task sequence into the "Refresh Only" section.  

When testing the refresh deployment, the process started off smoothly, but eventually the task sequence restarted the computer.  When the computer tried to boot back up, there was no OS on the drive. The only clue as to the cause was found in the bdd.log file: 

FAILURE (5456): Unable to determine Destination Disk, Partition, and/or Drive.

The task sequence attempts to back up the original drive to an image before re-installing the OS.  Since I had added the format steps under "Refresh Only" (which is above "Backup" in the task sequence), the drive was already wiped before the backup step tried to run.  In my case, I don't want a full backup of the computer anyway, so disabling the backup step resolved the issue.  If you do want a full backup before the drive is wiped, moving the "backup" step up into or above the "refresh only" group would probably solve this issue. 


  1. So in your refreash scenario you format and repaprtition the OSDisk ? I'm trying to do the same thing but through MDT .... I am getting the 5456.

    Do you know what script is actually throughing the error, ZTIBackup ?

    1. John - Right, for a PC refresh, I want it to wipe the drive and reimage it, just as in a "New Computer" deployment scenario. The difference is that the task sequence starts from within the existing windows install, instead of booting from deployment media or PXE. While it is running in the existing windows instance, it runs USMT to back up user files and settings. Then it will reboot, wipe the drive, deploy the image, and just before the end, run USMT again to restore the user files and settings. But I do not want it to run the full backup, imaging the drive.

      Off the top of my head, I believe you're right, it was ZTIBackup throwing the error, but I'm not certain.


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